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Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery can reshape your nose into a more desired state for ethnic, functionality, or cosmetic reasons. Learn more about the procedure offered to our Austin, Texas patients and surrounding areas of Dallas and Houston, Texas, by scheduling your consultation with Restora Austin today!Austin Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Elegant Results from Our Austin Cosmetic Surgeon – Contact Us at (512) 481-7088 Today Purpose: To improve the appearance of the nose and improve nasal breathing. Incision: Incisions are located inside the nose and may also include an incision across the columella. The columella is the strip of skin between the nostrils.This 37-year-old female came to see our doctor to discuss a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation combined together. She did not like her enlarged nasal tip or dorsum and was hoping a rhinoplasty surgery could improve her appearance.Our doctor met with her at his Austin, Texas plastic surgery prac.The best way to get an idea of the cost of a rhinoplasty in Austin, Texas from Westlake Plastic Surgery is to submit a convenient Virtual Online Consultation. In summary, a rhinoplasty in experienced hands is a wonderful procedure to enhance your appearance and improve the shape of your nose.rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, ptosis; march. mini facelift vs. full facelift: which is best? february. i have malignant hypothermia but i really want plastic surgery, is there anywhere that offers this? is there an average for botox units to lower eyebrows for young men? january. which is my best option: fillers or lower bleph?Nose surgery, also known as "rhinoplasty," is a procedure designed to improve the size and shape of the nose and/or correct breathing problems associated with the nasal passage. As the central feature of the face, the nose plays a significant role in determining overall facial harmony.Dr. Austin Hayes is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts and body.As one of the most trusted plastic surgeons in the Portland area, his goal is for YOU to have a great experience from the first meeting through the last check-up.Rhinoplasty, nasal surgery, or "nose job" is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today by Andrew Trussler, MD in Austin, Texas. Rhinoplasty can three-dimensionally reshape, reduce or augment the nose in order to provide facial balance.