how to use lookalike audiences and interests on your facebook advertising hernan vazquez

This video,, can also be seen at you create a Lookalike Audience, you choose a source audience (a Custom Audience created with your pixel data, your mobile app data or fans of your Page) and we identify the common qualities of the people in it (ex: demographic information or interests). Then we find people who are similar to (or "look like") them.Use Audience Insights To Broaden Your Interests. Last but not least, use that (sometimes forgotten but super powerful) tool called audience insights. You can plug your target location as well as your demographic in, and the Facebook Audience Insights will show what are people caring about. That way you can have additional data and interests to target these audiences.Agreeing to pay off the club’s debts, Manenti paid a symbolic price of 1 euro (0.72p) for the club. Hernan Crespo, now a youth team coach at the Italian club, used to play for them and he fears for.For more ideas on advanced audiences that you can use as a basis for your Lookalike Audiences, you can check out this tutorial on the 13 Custom Audiences with really high ROI. How To Create A Facebook Lookalike audience. Now that you’ve created a quality source audience, it is time to create a Lookalike Audience based on those.You can actually leverage this by giving Facebook a glimpse of YOUR data and get it running on your favor. 2- Create Your Lookalike Audiences: The way you do this is to gather all the emails and go into the audiences side of your Facebook Ads manager, import them and make a custom audience.Audiences. We’ll create a lookalike audience abroad using your source audience. For example, custom audience, people who engaged with your Page or people tracked by your conversion pixel. You can include people from multiple countries in your source audience; our system will automatically optimize for them. Targeting. You can then choose to.How to Get High Paying or High Ticket SEO Clients – Hernan Vazquez.. How to Use SEO and Facebook Ads for Content Marketing – Hernan Vazquez. How to Use Lookalike Audiences and Interests on your Facebook Advertising.How to Turn 500 Subscribers In 2 Million Potential Customers Using facebook lookalike audiences How to Turn 500 Subscribers In 2 Million Potential Customers Using.