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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Fort Worth Regional Office has charged Dallas-based AriseBank and its executives with fraud, illegally selling unregistered securities and providing.AriseBank is the first ever decentralized bank, integrated with over 700+ cryptocurrencies, it is easily the largest cryptocurrency platform.The SEC said it had obtained a court order to halt AriseBank’s efforts to target investors, and alleged that the entity had "falsely stated that it purchased an FDIC-insured bank" and had "allegedly omitted to disclose the criminal background of key executives." See MoreAriseBank’s sales pitch claimed that it developed an algorithmic trading application that automatically trades in various cryptocurrencies. The SEC alleges that AriseBank falsely stated that it purchased an FDIC-insured bank which enabled it to offer customers fdic-insured accounts and that it also offered customers the ability to obtain an AriseBank-branded VISA card to spend any of the 700-plus cryptocurrencies.AriseBank provides banking services. The company was founded by Jared Rice, Sr. and Stanley Ford and is headquartered in Texas.. the powerful platform for identifying relationship-driven business opportunities and connections that can propel your career forward.The startup agreed to pay Holyfield 2.5 million AriseCoins, with an expected value of $3 million, according to former AriseBank CEO Jared Rice. It would have been one of Holyfield’s biggest paydays since the heyday of his boxing career in the late 1990s. A spokesperson for Evander Holyfield declined to comment.The Arisebank website is littered with very nicely done marketing material, graphics, and tons of documentation. They have banking, debit cards, ATMs, careers, developer tools, block explorers, a 100 page whitepaper, and the largest ICO in history: They claim to have already raised $198.2M.AriseBank ICO Fraud Case May Ensnare Additional Parties. According to a receivership report filed this week, co-founders, Jared Rice Sr. and Stanley Ford, initially failed to comply with a court order requiring them to disclose all of their property as well as assets owned by AriseBank. Ford is at present in Dubai,(Claims to be the largest ICO ever) (self.CryptoCurrency) submitted 1 year ago by skolebruker > 4 years account age. < 400 comment karma. So as a long time bitshares hodler, I have seen a few tweets about something caleld AriseBank.

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