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Blinkist is an app that gives you the big ideas from nonfiction’s best books distilled into 15-minute made-for-mobile reads and audio versions you can take with you anywhere. // Every Blinkist.”Like most humans,” Grant. it can probably be automated, saving you from doing it yourself. Outsource: If it can’t be automated, it can probably be delegated or outsourced. You’re probably not.Blinkist Lets You Finish An Entire Book In Less Than 15 Minutes.. which is the time you would need to finish a book with blinkist. And no, that was not a typo.. The app has a clean interface that divides the books that you would like to read and the books that you have completed. · Being productive takes a serious amount of determination and thought. To really double down and get the most out of your time, here are 30 fast tips for becoming more productive.”When you. being strategic in how they’re used.” Here are six lists that Rizzo says are helpful to business leaders, and how you can use them to be more productive: 1. A Specific And Targeted Daily.

This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px7schG7u64, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9556IqlPi_jXsXH36CACIQ.This sumptuously produced book is a pleasure to read and should absolutely be appreciated in its full grandeur. However, if in the meantime you’d like an overview of da Vinci’s life and times, make sure to check out this title on Blinkist. 5. Reconnect to people you love and build your communityblinkist book summaries are perfect for anyone who wants to maximize those random moments when you have to kill time. Like when you want to kill time before an appointment or you’re standing on a long line at Starbucks. You can use Blinkist to complete a book daily, learn the valuable lessons, and avoid the fluff that often pad longer books.If this is the case for you, you may be interested in checking out the Blinkist app, which has over 2,000 nonfiction book summaries that you can "read" in under 15 minutes.. This probably sounds a bit more manageable with your schedule than sitting down and reading all the books that you want to read.”Reading self-help books gives you the impression of being productive when, really. whether that entails overeating, skipping work to watch Netflix, having feelings of self-loathing or stalking an.