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If you want to optimize your YouTube SEO and don't know where to start, the chance of appearing in organic Google's search results, because YouTube. by Backlinko, videos with an exact keyword match in the title do rank better. the founder of VidSummit, a video marketing strategist and consultant.Follow these simple YouTube video SEO tips to earn your first 100k subscribers.. SEO Services by RankPay If you don't rank, you don'. If some of the top results are YouTube videos, you've found a video keyword!. As with text-based content and Google SEO, longer content will often rank better.Technically.yes. But it’s A LOT harder to rank a self-hosted video than a YouTube video. In fact, 82% of all video results in Google are from YouTube. (Considering that Google owns YouTube, this shouldn’t come as a surprise). That said, it is possible to rank self-hosted videos. Here’s how:Your Video Ranking on Google and YouTube Might Differ From Each Other. Why is Video Marketing & YouTube Video SEO Important? · Even with this tight relationship between Google and YouTube, your viewership growth strategy must follow tenets of traditional SEO. Well-optimized content gives search engines the necessary indicators to find and index your YouTube videos. A video can’t go viral if Google can’t understand what it is about. · How to Rank YouTube Videos on the First Page of Google. Vinay Patankar December 30, Creating videos this way is similar to creating blog posts or landing pages for SEO, but a YouTube video has a few key benefits over blog posts. Firstly, YouTube videos rank in Google well, like really well. Since YouTube is owned by Google, and is already. · Youtube is the second largest web crawler after Google in the world. Over 5 million people watch video on the youtube Per day. Mostly Seo expert use youtube to drive traffic to their website because of less competitive than google and other source. · YouTube’s search engine is competitive, much like Google’s search engine. However, it offers the opportunity for your video to rank in two search engines: youtube search and google search. optimizing your YouTube videos for search engines is the most important thing you’ll do to rank on YouTube.

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