how to add users to google analytics

We are frequently asked how to add an admin user to Google Analytics. Here is a quick walkthrough of the steps required. We are always available if you have any questions. Try out the live chat on our site and we’re happy to lend a hand. Why Agencies or Other People Need Access to Your Google AnalyticsYou may be wanting to add users to your Google Analytics account, but are unsure of how to do it, if so, you may follow the process detailed.Adding Non Gmail Users to Permissions.. But my query is that, How can I assign access to a non-Gmail user to my Google analytics account? He doesn’t have a Gmail account but I have to grant access to him to edit my Google analytics data and all. Can you suggest any?Google Analytics recently rolled out its first major update to its User. Users with the Manage User permission level have the ability to add and.Friends, Developers, SEO Companies or Consultants may want access to your Analytics to do their job. Here's how to give it to them.

Original video found at your Google Analytics page, click the Gear icon in the lower left corner to open the Admin page. 2. click "User Management." You should see your own login information. 3. click the blue plus sign.Another possibility to add Google Analytics to WordPress without a plugin is to use the functions file. You can do the same thing as we did above. Instead of adding the tracking code to header.php directly, insert it into the head section via a function.. in Google Analytics so that we can make sense of which users are clicking on what. From your google analytics dashboard, navigate to Audience Overview, then click on the + Add Segment button.In a month, when your whole staff hears about how great google analytics results are, you can have us add them all as viewers instead of needing to go back in and do it yourself. step 4. (optional) click the checkbox to send an email to the user notifying that he or she has been given access.